Single Two Tone Classic CC Curl Premium Mink Eyelash Extension Tray 15 or 20

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Product Description

CC Curl Single Length Premium Two Tone

Available Length: 9 mm - 16 mm
Available Thickness: 0.15 - 0.20
Colors: Black Red - Black Purple - Black Blue - Black Green
100% Hand Made

New Two Toned Color Eyelash Extension. Great for being BOLD! Great for summer!
Two Toned Color lashes look like Ombre. The base is black and the tip is color. So people won't see your color from the front but they will only see your color from side to side. Tell your lash stylist design a set for you!

Two toned color; black at the base and color at the tip. We have all color in 1 box for you. Including; black & red, black & purple, black & blue, black & green. So you can play with all color with 1 box.
This product has an awesome features. When you see the lash from front, you can only see black color but if you see from the side, there you go! You can see the color.
Your customer will love this Ombre Set because it is not too much color and still looking dark. Also we add the number of length and thickness on the strip, easier to keep track.

Light weight Eyelashes, Natural Eyelashes and Soft Eyelashes.
Our lashes can hold the adhesive well, no slippery when apply the eyelash extension. It also can maintain their curl over the life of lashes without straight out.
Looking shine and smooth lashes.
Affordable Price!

How to chose high quality eyelash extension?
Light weight
The lash looks shine and soft
No slippery when apply the eyelash extension
Maintain the curl over the lash life (this is very important, a lot of lashes in the market can't keep their curl. After 2 weeks the lashes straight out. This is not good)
Welcome To Lash eyelash extensions have all these characters to be the best product in the market now. We guarantee you will be happy after using our products.

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